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The finest and most complete dyno in the market.

Minimum of time - Minimum of risk of error - Minimum of training!

Enables you to determine the overall performances of the motorcycle:

Power & torque: Roller, Wheel, Gear box, Crankshaft with less than
1% error compared to motorcycle manufacturer’s value.
Engine modification
Injection modification
Also by dynamic tests:

Wheel alignment check (frame) thanks to the automatic
clamp which enables to test without any tie down.
The motorcycle is in “safe hands”

Engine cooling fan which provides horizontal air flow
No tie-downs. The motorcycle is free on the dynamometer without vertical constraints.

performance software, both simplifies users’ work and gives them access
to new functions: endurance brake (eddy current type), engine gas analysis under load,
connection of various types of sensors, suspension check, Lambda probe, etc.
Data is displayed in real time as well as at the end of the test
and can be saved and easily referred to.

Standard components (301 Evolution)

Non slip chrome roller - independent vibration isolated chassis.
Integral non-slip access ramp, which doubles as safety barrier (EC regulations).
2 pick-ups: wheel speed & roller.
PCI data acquisition card & KHEOPS© Software.
Roller brake, to stop roller from 125 mph within 5 seconds.
Safety side barriers (EC regulations) with perspex screens.
Automatic wheel clamp, which enables frame / wheel alignment check.
Independent electric starter (battery and loader included).
Cooling fan outlets for rear tire, brake and silencers.
Electric roller starter to start motorcycles (with battery and charger).
Reinforced exhaust extraction (integrated in the chassis).
2 exhaust extraction intakes.
Special exhaust extraction intake for H-D and customs.

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